STAGING & PREPARING - Whether listing with a Realtor or a home is "For Sale by Owner", it's been proven time and time again that the wise investment of staging and preparing a home, yields more dollars and quicker sales. Home Staging FUNatic can assist you in optimizing your home's full potential and appeal to attract buyers.

The attention to detail in furniture and accessories placement, creating warm and inviting spaces along with education will set your home apart from other homes....and it's fun! It's truly satisfying being witness to the homeowner's excitement when they realize the rewards of staging their home.

Using existing furniture and accessories saves time and money but occasionally HSF will make recommendations to add accessories, along with other suggestions, in order to enhance the room's potential.

Curb Appeal? Yes, Please!

RESTYLING A HOME & AFTER YOU MOVE - You love your home but no longer love the look of your home OR after moving into your new home you realize furnishings don't fit and accessories need different placement. Home Staging FUNatic can assist you!

Working together, we will visit about each room and create a plan to restyle it.

Many times, simply moving furniture or finding new use for it can transform your spaces- as well as rehanging pictures and moving accessories. Homeowners become over-joyed with the results of a home restyle and thrilled when they learn new ideas that work with their new home.  There may be occasions that new purchases will be recommended.    

HSF Services & Specialties

Whether it's a full home restyle or just a bookcase, HSF can assist you!

CURB APPEAL & FIRST IMPRESSIONS - As buyers drive through neighborhoods and look on-line, make sure your home stands out!

Curb appeal often gives the impression to buyers how well the home is cared for over-all. 

Home Staging FUNatic will offer recommendations on how to create attractive and inviting curb appeal so potential buyers take notice!